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HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ eye drops contain a high concentration of high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate which makes it exceptionally viscous and provides the ocular surface with intensive, soothing and long-lasting moisturization. The Ectoine stabilizes the tear film and protects tears from excessive evaporation for extended dry eye relief. HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is used for Intensive relief of chronic and persistent dry eye and inflammatory symptoms. HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is not compatible with contact lenses. Format: 300 drops per bottle. Up to 6 months after opening.

• HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ offers immediate comfort, moisturizes and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time. It also relieves inflammatory symptoms such as burning and itching. HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is preservative free and phosphate free.