Keep an eye out! Several symptoms and increasing discomforts are strong indicators of dry eye:

  • Your eyes sting or itch
  • Your eyes are sensitive to wind or light
  • You're blinking all the time
  • Your eyes are often watery
  • Your eyes tire faster
  • Your vision gets blurry
  • Your eyes are red

To make an accurate diagnosis, we use the exclusive LipiView® technology. This allows us, among other things, to assess the quality of your tears as well as the frequency and quality of your blinks, after which we can offer you the best treatment plan for your eyes. For this treatment, we use LipiFlow®: in only 12 minutes, your blocked glands will be completely unblocked. This painless treatment works by applying heat and light pressure to your eyelids. This treatment is required for 85% of people with dry eyes.

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