Confidentiality and protection of personal information policy

Our company, Les Produits Ocucalm ( Inc.), aims to provide its customers and users with services that comply with the law and are accessible in a secure manner, particularly with regard to respect for their privacy and protection. of their personal information. To this end, we have implemented within our company a confidentiality policy respecting the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (hereinafter “the Policy”).

This policy aims to inform you about how our company collects, uses, transmits, stores, shares and protects your personal information when you use its web services.

In order to provide personalized service, our company may have access to some of your personal information. We ensure that each of our employees treats your information rigorously in compliance with the law and regulations in force in Quebec.

1. Definition of personal information:

Personal information is any information relating to a natural person, which, taken together or separately, allows them to be identified.

2. Types of information collected

In order to optimize the services offered to its customers on the web, our company may collect certain personal information via this website, in particular:

  • First and last name ;
  • Address;
  • Email address ;
  • Telephone number;
  • Payment information (credit card number, expiration date, cardholder information, CVV or CVC);
  • Subject of the correspondence, including the user's symptoms or condition;

In addition to the above, the user who wishes to create an online account will provide a login password which will be associated with their email address.

This information will be known and retained by Les Produits Ocucalm for the purposes of administering the web platform.

Ocucalm Products collect on the web only the personal information necessary in the performance of services to customers and strictly to accomplish the purposes for which it is collected. No other use of the information is permitted by the company, unless you consent or it is required by law.

The personal information listed above is transmitted voluntarily by the user. As will be more fully described, certain other information is collected automatically on our website. We refer you to section 10 of this policy for further information on this subject.

Minors should not submit their information online. As a user, you must only transmit personal information that concerns you. If you are acting for a third party, you must ensure that you have the required authorizations before transmitting their personal information online.

3. Use and disclosure of personal information

The personal information that you transmit on our site will be accessible to the administrators of the company. The use of the personal information transmitted is, however, restricted to the purposes provided for in this policy.

Personal information transmitted voluntarily is kept throughout the business relationship with the client or for the duration of the services to be provided. When files are archived, access to digital or paper files that may contain personal information remains limited.

Data transmitted over the web will be retained for internal use, but will be destroyed on the web within a reasonable time to ensure the privacy of our website users.

4. Reasons for which personal information is collected

Ocucalm Products use personal information according to what is agreed at the time of collection or according to the scales established by law and regulations. Personal information collected on our website is used for the following purposes:

  • Creation and updating of a customer file;
  • Creation of an online customer account;
  • Receive and process online orders;
  • Ensure administrative follow-ups;
  • Respond to requests for advice from users who have completed the survey/questionnaire relating to dry eye;
  • Allow the optimization of our services by notifying users of new products and services that may be offered, including the transmission of newsletters;
  • Any other use for which you have consented;

5. Communication of personal information.
Ocucalm Products will not transmit to any third party the information voluntarily transmitted or automatically collected via this website except with regard to purchases made via the online store. Personal information such as name, address, email and telephone number will be transmitted to the carrier responsible for delivering products purchased online.

As provided by law, our company may be required to disclose personal information following an order from a court of common law or administrative law, a body duly authorized by law or in the cases provided for by law and regulations in force. force.

6. Your consent

At any time, when collecting personal information, you have the right to refuse to communicate personal information to us, subject to the exceptions provided for by law. In addition, at any time and following reasonable notice, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the collection, disclosure and transmission of personal information. However, such a situation could prevent Ocucalm Products from offering you certain services or could limit their scope.

Ocucalm Products may send their users newsletters related to the company's new products, promotions and services. At any time, you can withdraw your consent without affecting the services provided by our company.

7. Security measures put in place for the retention of information:

Ocucalm Products retains personal information for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes set out in this policy. The nature of the service is taken into account in the retention period of the information.

Our company ensures that it complies with legal standards for the protection of personal information, whether during the collection of information or its transmission to a third party for the execution of the mandate. Data transmitted by users will be destroyed on the web at reasonable intervals in order to preserve the confidential nature of the data transmitted.

Ocucalm Products maintain a service for the prevention of incidents related to respect for confidentiality.

8. Department responsible for the protection of personal information

To ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information, our company has a personal information protection officer. Its role is to monitor and supervise the management of personal information, to implement and maintain internal policies and applicable procedures, in addition to taking care of the management of any potential incident related to personal information.

The contact details for contacting the manager are as follows:

Name: Olivier Rochette
Telephone number: 1-855-902-2020
Email address:

9. Rights of the data subject
At any time, you can request access to your personal information. You can request their modification or deletion. You have the right to withdraw or confirm your consent, to restrict the use of information about you or to obtain a copy. You may exercise any right provided by law.

To exercise your rights, we invite you to make a written request to the person responsible for the protection of personal information at the contact details indicated in paragraph 8 of this policy.

10. Management of connection cookies (Cookies)

Ocucalm Products may use cookies. Cookies or more commonly called “cookies” are tools for improving performance and analyzing user interactions on a website. Cookies perform automatic data collection on our website. The elements collected in the manner described below cannot allow precise identification of the user.

Cookie files are used for analytical purposes to determine your preferences on how you browse our website (e.g. language, province, country), to compile data on the number of users who visit our website, to improve the quality of our services, to facilitate access and navigation on our website and to analyze our performance.

The information collected may include, among other things, IP address, identification of electronic devices used to access the website, your operating systems, data on the pages viewed, times and dates of views, pages viewed previously, the interests and behavior of the user on the web page.

When you enter our website, you are informed that we use cookies. You can accept them or disable non-essential cookies. However, this option could reduce the quality of your experience on our website.

Ocucalm Products may resort to the use of “CAPTCHA” testing using question and answer means of authentication in order to restrict access to certain web pages, sections of the website and control access. Analytics services (e.g. Google Analytics) may be used to increase the performance of our website and collect information as soon as a user accesses or navigates our web page.

11. Use of various platforms

In order to optimize our company's services on the web, users can use various payment methods we use various platforms. It is therefore possible for the user to use one or other of the following platforms:

  • Google Pay;
  • ShopPay;
  • Sezzle;

This list is provided as an example. Ocucalm Products may unilaterally modify these payment options by adding or removing payment platforms.

The information transmitted to these platforms is voluntary and limited (last name, first name, email address). You are not required to use these platforms.

Privacy policies apply to each of these platforms and the user is responsible for finding out before using these payment methods.

All payments made by credit card on our online store are administered by the Stripes platform, banking data is therefore not brought to the attention of our company and is not retained.

12. Redirection to other sites
Ocucalm Products informs you that this policy only applies when using the website This policy does not apply to other websites that may be available through our website.

Ocucalm Products is not responsible for these sites and cannot protect their content, their access or the information that you may transmit to them. Any personal information transmitted to other websites is subject to their policies. We therefore invite you to read their policy before transmitting information.

13. Updating this policy

In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, our company may update this policy. Please note that a notice may be sent to you to inform you of the modifications made to this document. This policy is available on our website at all times and we invite you to consult it regularly.

14. Communication

For any questions relating to this policy, we invite you to contact the person responsible for the protection of personal information whose contact details are described in paragraph 8.

Last updated: March 24, 2024