Que faire en cas de chalazion?

Chalazion: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

What is a chalazion? Have you ever felt a painful little bump on your eyelid, noticed a feeling of dry eyes or had redness? If you recognize these signs and...
October 26, 2022 — Lucie Laurin
Les allergies saisonnières causent-elles de la sécheresse oculaire?

Do seasonal allergies cause dry eyes?

Every spring brings brighter days that we are delighted to be able to enjoy again. However, the change of season brings seasonal allergy-related discomforts to millions of people around the...
October 07, 2022 — Lucie Laurin
Les causes de la sécheresse oculaire et les traitements pour la soulager

Causes of dry eye and treatments to relieve it

WHAT IS DRY EYE? The reduction of tears or their low quality causes this condition. This decrease in production or quality is often caused by a dysfunction of the Meibomius...
October 07, 2022 — Lucie Laurin
Avez-vous les yeux secs? C’est peut-être la faute de vos écrans!

Do you have dry eyes? Your screens could be to blame!

You probably spend your day on your office computer (now home office for many!). You browse social networks on your phone during breaks or at the end of the day....
October 07, 2022 — Lucie Laurin