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CALMO® Eye Spray provides the benefits of a drop, in a spray bottle for mild to moderate symptoms of dry eye. CALMO® Eye Spray CANNOT be used if you have Soy allergy. CALMO® Eye Spray should be applied at a distance of 10 cm on eyes without makeup. The distance should be slightly greater (about 20 cm) on makeup eyes. You have to spray on CLOSED lids.


• CALMO® Eye Spray stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and regulates and improves the humidification of the eye surface and the eyelids. It also moisturizes the eye area and provides preventative protection for the skin. 1-2 sprays will work for approximately 4 hours

More details

The liposomes in CALMO® Eye Spray consist of lipids very similar to those which occur in your own tear film. The lipid layer of the tear film is what prevents the tears from evaporating. Once sprayed on closed eyes, the lipids contained in CALMO® Eye Spray mix with lipids produced by the Meibomian glands at the lid margin. Upon opening the eye, this optimized lipid mix gets spread onto the tear film. With every blink, the tear film on the eye surface will be supplied with the liposomes contained in CALMO® Eye Spray.